“I’m still stressed with a lot of things, but in general I can feel a big difference on the way this stress affects me”. Luisa MBSR participant 2014 facilitator Finola O’Driscoll

“There was part of me that knew I would benefit from mindfulness and meditation, but I kept putting it off for a better, less frantic, less emotional, less stressful time. Part of me hated the idea of slowing down and for me it would be a challenge to start paying more attention. What I wasn’t expecting was that practicing mindfulness on this course would open up time for me, open up space, and open up my heart, eyes and every aspect of me to be more present and aware as each moment of my life unfolds. This course helped to teach me the life skill of experiencing the here and  now. It gave me tools I can use automatically and easily in stressful or confused moments. Everyone’s life is different, and this course can benefit everyone to live that unique life. ” Dulra MBSR participant 2015.  Facilitator Finola O’Driscoll

“I found the course very good and really appreciate all you did for us”. Robert MBSR Participant 2015. Facilitator Finola O’Driscoll

“Very enjoyable and a great variety of options to practice. I learned the huge benefit of the breath”.  MBSR participant 2016. Facilitator Fiona Fallon and Finola O’Driscoll

“I am most grateful that I completed the course it will stand to me in the future”  MBSR participant 2016. Facilitator Fiona Fallon and Finola O’Driscoll