What does a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course involve?

The course consists of 8 evening sessions of 2.5 hours and one extended day of mostly silent practice. The silent day usually takes place after session 6 and is agreed by what best suits the group. It is suggested that you put aside 40 minutes a day for the “formal” home practice for the duration of the course.

The other practices will be integrated into your daily activities. You will have a course book, handouts and guided meditations to help you with your home practice.

Getting the most out of the course will require some work on your part. It requires
a commitment to work on yourself through a gentle but rigorous daily practice of
meditation and movement practice. No prior experience with mindfulness or meditation is
necessary. People participate for reasons as diverse as… stress — job, family or financial,
chronic pain and illness, anxiety and panic, GI distress, sleep disturbances, fatigue,high
blood pressure & headaches.

Formal practice involves setting aside a dedicated time to practice specific techniques, the most common ones being 1) The Body Scan 2) Gentle Movement and 3) Siting Meditation.

Informal practice involves picking moments or activities with which you engage during your day and ‘paying attention on purpose, non-judgmentally’ to them, this may be brushing your teeth and/or hair, eating, walking, and actually paying full attention to what you are doing.