Jon Kabat Zinn talks about the attitude of Beginners Mind

“Beginners Mind is a lovely orientation to bring to the present moment, this moment is always fresh, always new, and yet we bring so many ideas and attitudes and desires to every moment that we can’t allow ourselves much of the time to see things as if for the first time.”

“In the mind of the expert there are very few possibilities, but in the Beginner’s Mind there are infinite possibilities because we come to it fresh. So it is a kind of a discipline to try to bring Beginners Mind to every aspect of life and not be so stuck in our ideas and opinions.”

When we come things with this freshness, it has tremendous transformative qualities. If you bring it other people and are open and spacious with them, and don’t insist that they be the way there were half an hour ago or two years ago, they feel seen and recognised and met. That benefits them and it also benefits us”