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Jon Kabat Zinn talks about the attitude of Beginners Mind

“Beginners Mind is a lovely orientation to bring to the present moment, this moment is always fresh, always new, and yet we bring so many ideas and attitudes and desires to every moment that we can’t allow ourselves much of the time to see things as if for the first time.”

“In the mind of the expert there are very few possibilities, but in the Beginner’s Mind there are infinite possibilities because we come to it fresh. So it is a kind of a discipline to try to bring Beginners Mind to every aspect of life and not be so stuck in our ideas and opinions.”

When we come things with this freshness, it has tremendous transformative qualities. If you bring it other people and are open and spacious with them, and don’t insist that they be the way there were half an hour ago or two years ago, they feel seen and recognised and met. That benefits them and it also benefits us”

Jon Kabat-Zinn talks about the attitude of Trust

“There is a Wisdom to the Body that can remind us that we ourselves are trustworthy…if there are so many beautiful and complex things unfolding in the body well why should the mind be any different, why should the heart be any different”

“Confidence in our ability to meet whatever come towards us in ways that can be effective is based on trusting ourselves… and this can be cultivated by practice, so everytime we don’t trust ourselves we can bring awareness to it and remind ourselves maybe this is a good opportunity to shift from feeling like we are not able to trust something, to trusting it.”


Jon Kabat-Zinn talks about the Attitude of Letting Go

“It is inevitable thing will arise that are unpleasant and we will want to push them away, and other things will arise that are pleasant and we will want to hold onto them, so Letting Go really means Letting Be, allowing things to be as the already are, and not getting too caught up with them having to be a certain way, when the evidence is they are already not that way…The breath can remind us it is a natural part of life to receive and then release, recieve and then let go”


Jon Kabat-Zinn talks about the Attitude of Patience

“…To actively cultivate patience is a recognition that things unfold in their own way, and that in some profound way things cannot be hurried…When we are always rushing to be some place else the by-product of that is that we are never where we actually are, which is a tremendous sorrow and a tremendous loss.

Sometimes we are impatient with other people, impatient at work, impatient to get things done but this wisdom of patience is profoundly restorative and healing and is akin to recognising, as some children don’t when they try to make the butterfly come out before its time from the chrysalis, that certain things cant be hurried but do unfold in their own time.

So if we truly learn to be patient with ourselves, then we are inhabiting the present moment in ways that have great comfort and great profundity of both acceptance and wisdom associated with them.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn talks about the Attitude of Acceptance in Mindfulness

“Acceptance is a very active process, there is nothing passive about it, it’s not passive resignation but an act of recognition that things are the way they are… Acceptance doesn’t mean we cant work to change the world, or circumstances, but it means that unless we accept things as they are, we will try to force things to be as they are not and that can create an enormous amount of difficulty”

“If we recognise the actuality of things, then we have the potential to apply wisdom to the situation and shift our own relationship to what is occurring in ways that can be profoundly healing and transformative… Without acceptance of a situation is is very difficult to know where to stand and to take a first step”