Orlaigh Donoghue

Hi my name is Orlaith Donoghue.
In my work life I am an Occupational Therapist, with nearly 30 years clinical & educational experience in the field of adolescent and adult mental health. During my post graduate training in the mid 90’s to become a Stress Therapist and Relaxation teacher I accidentally came upon Mindfulness, and have been one of its greatest fans ever since!
I have been teaching mindfulness in my clinical work for several years now, both one on one and running weekly mindfulness group sessions, and have been involved in several ‘Days of Mindfulness’, educational sessions and public talks, where I am constantly amazed at the impact mindfulness can have, even at the most basic level, in empowering individuals in their own lives.
In my personal life I am a wife, mother of 4 children and carer for a menagerie of pets – so I am all too well aware of the need for and benefits of mindfulness and the obstacles that can get in the way!!!
I am motivated to teach mindfulness and continue my own mindfulness journey as I have seen both in myself and others the benefits of Mindfulness practises and am constantly encouraged & supported by the growing base of empirical research supporting the effectiveness of MBSR and MBCT.
I completed my formal MBSR & MBCT training with IMA, The Institute of Mindful Approaches.